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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What U.S. Zippy Address do I ship my packages to?

    The ship to address must contain your name and your Zippy account # (your account# starts with ZSLU) in the following format:
    Address 1: 5401 NW 72nd Ave
    Address 2: [YOUR ACCOUNT #]
    City: Miami
    State: FL
    Zip Code: 33166
    Tel #: 1758-458-4587

  • How long will it take to receive my packages?

    Our goal is to ship packages on a daily basis and get them to you in the shortest time frame possible provided that all invoices have been uploaded. Once your package has arrived at your our Fulfillment center in Florida, we aim to have it available to you within 48 hours. However, due to COVID-19 the availability of daily flights to the country has been reduced. At this time, our shipments are weekly.

  • What items are considered restricted items?

    Many common items are restricted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Under U.S. Federal Law these items require a special flight to prevent in-flight danger. Here is a list of items:

    • - Batteries
    • - Cutting instruments
    • - Defense sprays
    • - Drones
    • - Electronic cigarettes
    • - Firearms or ammunition
    • - Gasoline-powered tools
    • - Hoverboards
    • - Lighters and matches
    • - Mobile Devices
    • - Pressurized containers
    • - Scissors and tools
    • - Self-heating meals
    • - Smart bags
  • Do you ship via sea freight?

    Zippy Shipping offers shipping via Air and Sea. Please visit this page for our current rates: See our low rates.

  • Are your current rates in Eastern Caribbean Currency?

    Yes, all our rates are quoted in EC Dollars. Please visit this page for our current rates: See our low rates.

  • How will the weight of my packages be calculated?

    A regular industry grade shipping scale is used to obtain the weight of all packages. We then round up to the nearest pound and apply the current shipping charges accordingly.

  • Will my package attract customs duties?

    Orders with a value greater than $22 USD are subject to applicable import duties & service charge by the Customs & Excise Department.
    During the Christmas Barrel Trade Concession period which typically runs from Nov. 15 to Jan. 31 each year, there is a 100% waiver of import duties on personal items, food, clothing, toys and other household consumables. Electronics are explicitly excluded during the concessionary period.
    You can use our shipping calculator for an estimate of applicable charges.

  • Do I have to upload an invoice before I can receive my package?

    Yes an invoice is required to ensure quick and easy processing of your package during the customs clearance process. If you do not submit an invoice, it is highly likely that you may experience a delay in receiving your package from your pickup location. You can upload an invoice by using our Order Alert feature on your account dashboard. If you require any assistance with submitting your invoice, please contact

  • How long will you hold my packages for once they’re available for pickup?

    You have thirty (30) business days to pickup your package once you’ve been notified that it’s available for pickup. Our customer service staff will make every effort to contact you, however after 30 business days we will consider your package abandoned.

  • Is there any storage fee for packages that are available for pickup?

    No, we do not charge a storage fee for packages at this time. We do however encourage customers to pick up their packages once it is available for pickup within our thirty day period to avoid the package being flagged as abandoned.

  • What items are prohibited from being shipped into the country?

    Not every item will be allowed into the country. Click Here to learn more.

  • Are there any special guidelines for importing animals or animal products into the country?

    The Veterinary & Livestock Services Division (VLSD) advises anyone who wishes to import any animals or animal products into Saint Lucia must apply to the Veterinary Authority for an Import Permit Upon arrival into Saint Lucia, all animals and animal products MUST be inspected by the officials from the Veterinary and Livestock Services Division. Failure to comply will result in the detention or possible destruction.
    For more information, please contact St. Lucia Veterinary & Livestock Services Division
    Tel: 468-5690/ 468-5621
    Chief Veterinary Officer: 468-4581
    Fax: 450-4581

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